Low-cost hosted open-source data monitoring solution so devs can stop worrying about servers and spend time building.

You Should Not Be Hosting Your Infrastructure And Application Dashboards


DIY Monitoring Is Expensive

Server costs, setup, troubleshooting, and server management make DIY monitoring solutions difficult. With Hosted Graphite, we handle those issues.

Problems With Monitoring

Monitoring Should Be Accessible

Powered by Hosted Graphite, MetricFire provides affordable dashboards that integrate with your systems.

Your application and system have a lot of metrics to monitor which is overwhelming. Our dashboards are simple where it doesn't matter how many metrics you have. They are easy to understand and quick to find.

Monitoring Solutions Are Complicated

High Custom-Ability of Your Metrics

Your system does not fit a one-size-fits-all solution. With Hosted Graphite, create custom dashboards and system metrics through your code.

Enterprise Accounts Are Expensive

Our pricing is based on per unique time series metric name. 1 metric is 1 metric. We also don’t charge extra for users, integrations, or sharing your dashboards.





Why Hosted Graphite From MetricFire

Simple, Low-Cost Pricing

Pricing based on unique time series metrics. 1 metric is 1 metric.

Easy-To-Use Dashboards

Easily share your dashboards with clients for free.

Responsive Alerting

Alert notification integrations PagerDuty, Slack, email, and webhooks.


Dedicated clusters for users that need their own environment.

Highly available support to get you setup quickly.

Fantastic Customer Support

Freedom Of Customization

Send custom metrics through
your code.

We Strive For 99.999% Uptime

Because our system is your system.

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We Treat Our Customers Like Friends

“We now have over ten times the amount of metrics we started with, and on different accounts. One of the great things about MetricFire is that scaling to support this increase has been hassle-free, requiring no additional work on our side.”

Maxime Audet

Cloud-Ops Team Lead, Coveo

Itai Yaffe

Big Data Developer, Nielsen

“There’s complete transparency with everything MetricFire do which means we can accurately predict what we’ll be spending and comfortably keep within our budget.”

Hosted Monitoring Impacts

Monitoring historic trends in your application metrics and system usage

Creating insightful graphs to report to management
or a client

Analysing your user experience to predict product usage

Identifying new revenue streams in your application

Making data-driven decisions on how to expand your app

Increase revenue up 25% by

Decrease costs up to 75% by

Receiving alerts to get ahead of downtime

Locating issues in your infrastructure and application

Obtaining more visibility into your stack to manage
your resources

Planning maintenance based on usage patterns
to minimise downtime

Saving on the maintenance burden required for running
a DIY monitoring solution

Data Driven Decisions

With Hosted Graphite from MetricFire, startups to high-performing DevOps teams can easily analyze shareable dashboards, create custom time series metrics, and receive responsive alerting with reliable support at fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

"Every time I have a question, I get an answer from support after just a couple of hours. Their technical knowledge is excellent.”

Shahar Kobrinsky

VP of Architecture and Scale, Eyeview

Jim Davies

Head of DevOps, MoneySuperMarket.com

“Building and managing an on-premise installation at this scale would require a lot of engineer time, especially in the first year...we use this engineering time to work on initiatives closer to our core business”

Let Us Teach You

Graphite is an industry-standard open-source monitoring solution that is easy to learn. We are happy to schedule a call to get you up and running.

What To Monitor

Infrastructure Monitoring

Server And IoT Monitoring
CPU, memory, storage, process

Cloud Monitoring
AWS, Heroku, Azure, Google Cloud

Database Monitoring
CPU, memory, storage, process

Network Monitoring
SNMP metrics, switches, bandwidth, and errors

Application Monitoring

Site clicks and speed
Track occurrence
Monitoring events and uptime

Application resources
User behavior
Github activity

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